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The 9th Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2025


August 07-09, 2025

Shanghai New International Expo Center


Exhibition Background

Since its establishment in 2005, the Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition (referred to as "AIREXPO SHANGHAI ") has successfully held seven sessions. The exhibition has attracted thousands of civil aviation, commercial aviation, general aviation and related enterprises and industry organizations from nearly 40 countries and regions around the world to participate in the exhibition. The successful holding of the exhibition for several years has provided a broad platform for expanding the huge market of China's aviation manufacturing industry.

With the successful maiden flight of the C919 aircraft and the accelerated replacement of domestic substitution in the aviation industry chain, Shanghai, as a leading international shipping center in China and even the world, has achieved remarkable results in the construction of its aviation hub and supporting facilities, and has driven the rapid development of the aviation and aerospace industry in the entire East China region. In order to better promote the development of China's general and civil aviation industry, as well as the commercial aviation industry, the Shanghai Aviation Society, Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibiton Co., Ltd., and relevant regulatory departments are scheduled to hold the "2025 9th Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition" from August 07 to 09, 2025 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

I hope that the convening of this event can inject new vitality into China's civil aviation aircraft manufacturing industry, lead a new trend, and build a professional and effective international platform for industry professionals in the aviation industry to showcase products and services, conduct business negotiations, exchange technology, and interpret policies in China, promoting the healthy development and international cooperation of China's aviation and aerospace industry.

 Last Review

After seven sessions of development, AIREXPO SHANGHAI along with China's aerospace industry has continued to be mature. The last exhibition has successfully attracted more than 200 pioneer enterprises and institutions from civil aviation, business aviation, general aviation industries from 20 countries and regions and the international proportion reached 42%. The exhibit categories comprehensively involve Whole Aircraft, Aerospace Equipment and Technology, Aircraft Manufacturing Equipment and Materials, MRO, Aircraft Interiors and Refurbishment, UAV and Industrial Park, Smart Airport Construction and Operation etc.. COMAC, China Eastern Airlines, Spring Airlines, Shanghai Kingwing, Harbin Aircraft Industry Group, China National Aviation Fuel Group, AVIC, Baowu Special metallurgy, BASF, East China Cares System, GAMECO, AVIO, ACRO, BOSE etc. participated in the exhibition. Along with the exhibition many activities were hosted including International Aircraft Engineering Summit, Forum for Leading SCM Practice in Civil Aviation, International Smart Airport Development Summit etc. Among them, Supply and Demand Docking Meeting was particularly striking. The purchasing departments of COMAC, AECC, Honeywell, GAMECO, Xi’an Aircraft Industry Group, and Loong Air were invited to talk face to face Major domestic mainstream media such as CCTV, STV, SMG, Xinhua News Agency, Jiefang Daily, People's Daily, Wenhui Daily, XinMin Evening News, Thepaper, Sina, China Eastern Airlines news, CARNOC etc. and other professional medias also attended to report the conference. With Thousands of miles journey, Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition takes advantage of the essence of overseas leading technology and products, promotes the rise of "made in China", and carries the important mission of aerospace people. With a long way to go, AIREXPO SHANGHAI 2019 will deliver the good to create a beautiful future



1.The 7th International Aircraft Engineering Summit

As the main forum of this year's Shanghai Air Show, the conference will continue to invite high-level decision-makers from major domestic and international airlines such as the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, COMAC, Airbus, Boeing, and the entire industry chain to discuss hot topics in the industry, in order to promote the healthy, scientific, and rational development of China's aviation industry.

During the exhibition, multiple events and forums will also be held, including the Shanghai International Aviation Industry Expo, the International Aviation Engineering Summit Forum, the International Aviation Finance and Leasing Conference, the International Aviation Metrology Testing and Standardization Summit, the Shanghai International Forum on Commercial Aviation Engines, the Airport Construction and Development (Shanghai) International Summit, the Aviation Intelligent Manufacturing and Material Innovation (Shanghai) International Forum, and the Shanghai Aviation Exhibition Large Aircraft Supply Chain Supply and Demand Matching Conference.


2.Supply and Demand Docking Meeting

The supply and demand docking meeting for aviation manufacturers, operators, service providers, aviation engineering and services, and large aircraft manufacturing industry chain during the exhibition will be one of the biggest highlights of the Shanghai Air Show. This event will invite representatives of suppliers from various countries in the aviation industry, such as design and research and development, advanced manufacturing, operation and maintenance, and supporting facilities, to discuss future work plans and product exchanges with aviation manufacturers such as COMAC and China Aerospace, Solve key and difficult issues to promote the healthy development of China's aircraft manufacturing, maintenance, and airport operations industries. The supply and demand docking meeting mainly involves face-to-face communication between the supply and demand sides and practical and efficient professional buyer docking. The docking meeting directly collects samples and information on site to promote understanding and friendship between the supply and demand sides


Participation Fees

*Aerocraft:  Civil aircraft, business aircraft, drones, helicopters, light and small aircraft, etc;

*Aviation Design And Development:  System integration, system engineering, experimental equipment, etc.

*Advanced Aviation Manufacturing: Engine manufacturing, airframe raw materials (metal materials, composite materials, fibers, rubber, adhesives, sealants, and other new aviation materials) Mechanical components, electronic components, avionics systems, electromechanical systems, subsystems, etc., instruments and meters, sensors, communication, air circulation Meteorological, display, lighting related applications, intelligent manufacturing equipment (CNC machine tools, tool measuring tools, heat treatment, laser applications, precision measurement) Automated assembly, intelligent system solutions, etc;

*Aviation Operations Maintenance:  Logistics transportation, airport maintenance, aircraft maintenance, engine maintenance, aviation kerosene, new energy applications, etc;

*Supporting Facilities:  Flight simulators, Aircraft Painting, special vehicles, self-service check-in systems and touch technology, green airports and aviation lighting equipment, air traffic control equipment and command scheduling Airport security assurance system (special safety detection and rescue equipment), etc.


During the exhibition, tens of thousands of professional visitors and representatives of each area are gathered under one roof to celebrate this industry pageant. Related areas include aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships, universities and research institutes, air force, navy, police, weather, surveying and mapping, environmental protection, electric power, railway, marine, civil affairs, as well as trade.


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