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*Aerocraft:  Civil aircraft, business aircraft, drones, helicopters, light and small aircraft, etc;

*Aviation Design And Development:  System integration, system engineering, experimental equipment, etc.

*Advanced Aviation Manufacturing: Engine manufacturing, airframe raw materials (metal materials, composite materials, fibers, rubber, adhesives, sealants, and other new aviation materials) Mechanical components, electronic components, avionics systems, electromechanical systems, subsystems, etc., instruments and meters, sensors, communication, air circulation Meteorological, display, lighting related applications, intelligent manufacturing equipment (CNC machine tools, tool measuring tools, heat treatment, laser applications, precision measurement) Automated assembly, intelligent system solutions, etc;

*Aviation Operations Maintenance:  Logistics transportation, airport maintenance, aircraft maintenance, engine maintenance, aviation kerosene, new energy applications, etc;

*Supporting Facilities:  Flight simulators, Aircraft Painting, special vehicles, self-service check-in systems and touch technology, green airports and aviation lighting equipment, air traffic control equipment and command scheduling Airport security assurance system (special safety detection and rescue equipment), etc.


During the exhibition, tens of thousands of professional visitors and representatives of each area are gathered under one roof to celebrate this industry pageant. Related areas include aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships, universities and research institutes, air force, navy, police, weather, surveying and mapping, environmental protection, electric power, railway, marine, civil affairs, as well as trade.


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